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This Privacy Policy and Coolies Policy governs the collection and treatment of personal data that is provided by users when accessing, browsing and/or making use of the features from website

  1. The controller for the processing of your data
  • The person in charge of this domain is ICOL TECHNOLOGY IBERIA, S.L.U
  • The address is Calle Mestre Nicolau, 19 Pl 2 C.P. 08021 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Contact information (e-mail):

In other words, are JENCI, We, Us etc.

  1. Types of data, purposes and duration of processing your data

Depending on the specific purpose we may process the following types of data about you:

  • your identity data (name, surname, language and country from which you interact with us, contact data, etc.);
  • information about your tastes and preferences;
  • connection, geolocation and/or browsing data (if you interact with us from your mobile phone);
  • economic and transactions information (payment or card data, information on your purchases, orders, returns, etc.);

Remember that, when we ask you to fill in your personal data to give you access to any functionality or service of, we will clearly mark certain fields as compulsory, since this is information that we need to be able to provide the service or give you access to the functionality in question. Please take into account that, if you do not provide us with such data, you may be unable to complete your user registration or may not be able to enjoy our services or functionalities.
Your personal data will only be used for the purposes for which you provided it to us, as indicated to you at the time you provided your personal data. It will also be used to administer, support and obtain feedback on the level of our services, to help prevent breaches of security, the law or our contract terms, and for direct marketing purposes. Lawful basis to process personal data will be your consent for the above-mentioned purposes.
Notwithstanding the fact that we will process your data for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purpose in question, we will subsequently keep them duly stored and protected for the time during which liability may arise for their processing, in compliance with legislation in force from time to time. Once each of the potential actions is time-barred we will proceed to delete the personal data.
We will only keep your personal information for a limited period of time. This will depend on a number of factors, including: whether you have placed an order with us, or have a registered account with us; any laws or regulations that we are required to follow; whether we are dealing with a current request, customer care issue or complaint; where there is a legal or other type of dispute involving or affecting you; the type of information that we hold about you; and whether we are asked by you or a regulatory authority to keep your personal data for a valid reason.
We will keep your personal information during the period that you are a customer with us and then for as long as is necessary in connection with both our and your legal rights and obligations. This may mean that we keep some types of personal information for longer than others.

  1. Sharing your data with third parties

We need to work with other companies, suppliers and professional service providers as they help us to run our business and help make our services more comfortable to you. In these cases, we only share the personal details they need to know for their services and work closely with them to make sure your privacy is respected and protected. We must share the information about you with technological, logistic, transport, delivery service providers, providers of customer support related services, advertising and marketing related services providers, financial institutions and anti-fraud detection and prevention entities.
We do not sell your personal information to third parties for them to market their products to you.

  1. International data transfer

Business for us and many suppliers is international, so your personal information may, at times, be handled in a location outside Europe (hereinafter third countries). When this occurs, we take care in ensuring the security of your information. To make our service more comfortable and efficient to you we sometimes need to provide your data to third countries.
If it is necessary for us to transfer your personal information to third countries we will only make that transfer if we use a method approved as privacy-safe by the data privacy regulators in Europe, including, among others, your explicit consent to the transfer.

  1. Protection of your personal data

We take specific steps required by data privacy law to take appropriate care of your personal information, whether online or not. This is to protect it against theft or other loss, misuse, alteration or being corrupted so we cannot use it properly or at all and to stop people who should not be able to see or use it from doing so.

  1. Your rights when making available data to us
Right of access
You have the right to ask us to confirm if we are processing your data and information about what data we are processing, and why, where we got it from, how long we keep it for, who we pass it to (and if those recipients are outside the EEA the safeguards that are in place), and whether we use automated-decision making, the logic behind and consequences of such decision making. You are also entitled to a copy of the data about you that we are processing, if you are only looking for copies of specific information please let us know what this is so that we can respond quicker.
Right to rectification
If information we have about you is inaccurate you have the right to have it corrected, if it is incomplete you have the right to have it completed, including by means of providing a supplementary statement.
Right of erasure
You have the right to have your personal information deleted if it is no longer necessary for us to have it, if we were processing it on the basis of your consent which you have withdrawn, if you have objected to us using our legitimate interests to process it and there are no overriding legitimate grounds not to do so, or we have processed it unlawfully.
Right to restrict to processing
You have the right to restrict our processing of your information If you believe that it is inaccurate or if you have objected to our processing it based on our legitimate interests, or if our processing is unlawful or we no longer need your information, but you do.
Right to object to processing
You can object to us processing your information based on our legitimate interests unless we are able to demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for doing so. You can also object to us using your information for profiling or for direct marketing purposes.
Right of data portability
You have the right to a copy of your data in a commonly used machine-readable format and to ask us to pass such a copy to another organization.
Right to lodge a complaint with our supervisory authority
If you are unhappy about the way we have handled your data and we have been unable t resolve your complaint you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority in Spain: Spanish Data Protection Agency (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos)

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please e-mail us giving sufficient information to enable us to identify you and the nature of your request.

  1. If you provide us with data of third parties

If you provide us with personal data of third parties, you confirm that you informed them of the purposes and of the manner in which we need to process their personal data.

  1. Cookies
  • What are cookies?

    A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don't have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.
    Although this policy refers to the general term ‘cookie’, which is the principal method used by this website to store information.

  • What are cookies used and not used for on

    Cookies are an essential part of the way our website works. The main aim of our cookies is to enhance your browsing experience – by remembering things such as your preferences (language, country, etc.) whilst browsing and for future visits.
    The information collected by cookies also enables us to improve the website thanks to estimates regarding usage figures and patterns. We can also adapt the website to users’ personal interests and speed up the search process, etc.
    If we have obtained your prior consent, we may occasionally use cookies, tags and other similar devices that enable us to show you, either from our own or third party websites, advertisements based on the analysis of your browsing habits.
    We do not use our cookies to store sensitive personal data such as your address, password and payment details.

  • Who uses the information stored in the cookies?

    The information stored in our website cookies is used exclusively by us, except for those identified below as “third party cookies” which are used and managed by external organizations to provide services requested by us in order to improve our services and enhance your experience when browsing our website. These “third party cookies” are used mainly to obtain access statistics and guarantee any payment operations made.

  • How to manage cookies?

    You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish - for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.

  • Exactly which cookies are used on and for what purpose?

    Below is a table showing the types of cookies this website uses and their purpose.

  • What types of cookies do we use?


    Name of cookies Aim Duration Category
    JSESSIONID Session identifier - Required for basket / checkout / my account functions. Browser session Session cookies
    anonymous-consents Used to store the consent whether data may be collected from an user not logged in. 1 year Permanent
    cookie-notification Indicates that you agree to the use of cookies on our pages. It is set when you close the "Use of cookies" notification layer. If this cookie exists and is assigned the value "Accepted", the reference layer is no longer displayed. Unlimited Permanent
    acceleratorsecureGUID This is a session identifier (secure session token). Used for soft-login. Unlimited Customer service
    jencistorefrontRememberMe Used for remember-me-functionality. 14 days Customer service
    _ga Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 1 month Web analytics
    *-customerLocation This cookie is used to allow the jenci website to recognize a customer’s location. Unlimited Customer service
    *-cart This cookie is the Cart Cookie, used to identify the user and their session cart. Unlimited Customer service


    Name of cookies Aim Duration Category
    Google Analytics Cookies
    __utma A ‘persistent’ cookie. This cookie keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site pertaining to the cookie, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred. 2 years Web Analytics
    __utmt Limit the frequency of requests. 30 minutes Web Analytics
    __utmb or __utmc These cookies work together to calculate how long a visit takes. __utmb takes a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor enters a site, while __utmc takes a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor leaves a site. 30 minutes for __utmb
    browser session for __utmc
    Web Analytics
    __utmz __utmz keeps track of where the visitor came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked on, what keyword you used, and where they were in the world the website was accessed. 6 months Web Analytics
    Yandex cookies
    _ym_uid, _ym_d Сollect information about how visitors use our site, including tracking visitors movements on pages to help us improve site performance. 1 year Web Analytics

    To see the list of national data protection authorities, go to
    You can print or save this Cookies policy by using your browser’s usual functionality. You can also download and save this privacy policy as a PDF file by clicking below.

  1. Other details you should know

You are required to be at least 16 years old to register an account, so we do not intentionally collect personal information from anyone under 16 and no one under 16 should attempt to submit any personal information to us. Should we discover that any such personal information has been delivered to any of the sites, we will remove that personal information as soon as possible.
We may update this privacy policy from time to time, for example when we adapt our website or when statutory provisions change.
Version: February 2019
You can print or save this privacy policy by using your browser’s usual functionality. You can also download and save this privacy policy as a PDF file by clicking below. Download